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Call to book an appointment: (802) 985-5552 Location: 5247 Shelburne Rd. Suite #207 Shelburne, VT 05482

Get to know our team of Edo Hair Stylists and Aromatherapists

A salon is about the people. The professionally trained individuals who have spent years learning techniques, styles, and trends for all services. It is these artists that bring personality, compassion, laughter, and entertainment to work with them everyday. Without the passion, drive and skill of the workers you have an empty building. This is why Edo is proud to have a team of stylists and aromatherapists that exceed the expectations of their clients. The Edo team is experienced, earthy, and extraordinary. Glance at the bios below to get a feel for who Edo is, but reading about people won’t tell you as much as meeting them, therefore, Edo personally invites you to stop by for a visit… even if you don’t have an appointment.


Owner // Stylist // Aromatherapist

Edo, The Fine Art Of Hair is my culmination of 26 years of creative hair styling joined with 18 years of a love for aromatherapy and a lifetime of believing in the importance of caring for our earth. Hi, I’m Candace Carson-Hoffmann and I am so proud and pleased to welcome you to Edo. My everyday goal is to bring out the best of each guest’s natural beauty, style, and wellness. You may wonder what aromatherapy and hair styling have in common? I believe when the whole person is considered a natural balance of body, mind, and spirit occur and the true reflection of a person’s inner beauty can be realized. When our outward style reflects our inner-self we feel proud, confident, and ready to meet the challenges of the day and of life. It is my personal pleasure to introduce this you to the world.


Coralee Boardman


I consider myself a vessel driven by life, love, family, and friends. I’ve committed my life to doing what makes me happiest; serving others.

The beauty, peace, health, and wellness of our industry attracted my interest at a young age making it no surprise that right after high school graduation I was enrolled in cosmetology school. While I was a student striving to learn and further my ability to better a world around me I became faced with an unforeseen challenge that would prove to be one of the biggest personal challenges I would ever face, a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. In my world of helping and serving others, the world began teaching me to rely on the help and support of others, but in a very scary and painful way. With the guidance of some well-trained health care professionals and the loving support of my family and friends I can now say that my illness is well managed and is only a very small part of who I now am.

I was blessed in my twenties with four beautiful children who have allowed another way to continue to love, nurture, and care for those outside myself. In 2010, I finally found my soul mate, the love of my life, and my best friend. In 2011, we married, and in 2012 we were blessed with the arrival of a happy healthy baby girl.

I find great fulfillment in mothering five amazing children and continuing to work in an industry that I have been passionate about for the majority of my life. For twenty years (and counting) I have continued my education in a great number of skills used to support your beauty, peace, health, and wellness. I am well trained in all areas of our industry ranging from nail care, to skincare, to body care, and of course hair care. I never get bored with the variety of services I offer and feel I excel in most areas.

I am fortunate to work with the talented, artistic, creative, loving, and nurturing team at Edo and I invite you in to meet us all!


Sue Zeno


My name is Sue Zeno. I have been a stylist for 30 years, and I am still continuing my journey. I began on my path because I loved to help people bring our their inner beauty. Working in a salon brings me great joy to not only meet new people but to help brighten their day.

am excited to be a part of Edo, to be able to work along side such proud, professional women who share my passion for beauty.

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