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Aromatherapy Menu

Aromatherapy Menu

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the controlled use of essential oils to promote the health and vitality of the body, mind and spirit by inhalation, baths, compresses, topical application and full body massage.


What is a clinical Aromatherapist?

A person who is trained and professionally certified in the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes.


What can you expect?

Your consultation will begin with a health history intake and a discussion of wellness goals for aromatherapy.
At which time we will explore how essential oils can fit into your overall wellness goals, or support relief from more acute health issues. Essential oils are chosen based on their holistic effect on the mind, body and spirit. The aroma(s) will be tested for personal compatibility. A support plan will be created that fits your lifestyle and personal need with clear directions for use. Formulas may be available at the time of consultation or created and mailed within 3 days. Clients under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult.



In salon:

Wellness consultation

Aroma Nap

30 minutes of calm quiet on a gently warmed massage bed with a therapeutic blend to support relaxation, the immune system, seasonal disorder or simply enhance your overall wellness. $20

Aromatherapy Foot Massage

Soak, cleanse, and relax your feet in a warm anti-inflammatory bath then enjoy a 20 minute massage of your lower legs and feet concluded with anointing in the oil of your choice/need. $25

Customized Perfume Blending

Work with our certified aromatherapist to find a scent that is uniquely you. This hour long session will allow you to create a take home product that is non-toxic, long lasting, and all natural. $75



Personal home and business aroma consultation:

Improve the air quality of your home, office or business while imparting a positive and healthy experience to your clients and guests. The antibacterial and anti-viral qualities of essential oils can limit your sick days and improve your overall daily experience. The pleasing aroma welcomes guests and clients and creates a powerful positive mental association with you and your business or home. $85.00/hour


We hope you found what you were looking for on the Edo salon menu. For more services visit the Edo salon menu, and the Edo wedding menu.


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