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Nufree hair removal

At Edo, the fine art of hair, we also practice the fine art of hair removal. How many times have you gone to get “waxed” and traded your unwanted hair for an area of extreme redness, irritation, or maybe even hives? I can’t tell you how many allergic reactions I have bared just to have a bare upper lip and perfectly sculpted eyebrows, until now. Nufree is NOT a wax, but it works like one, considering it removes hair, however, we find that the irritation is minimal when compared to other brands of hair removal products.


So what ‘s different about Nufree?

First, as you read earlier, it is not a wax meaning is?adheres?only to the hair and not to your skin. ?Second, it is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial meaning it is clean and germ-free, making it very safe.


Finipil by Nufree

Nufree also offers Finipil a product to help support your Nufree service in four fantastic ways.

  1. it has a cooling effect that actually drops the temperature of the empty hair?follicle reducing?swelling?and irritation.
  2. Continues to keep the follicles nice and clean when used at home after a shower.
  3. Finipil protects and fights back against ingrown hair.
  4. When you use Finipil?regularly, it increases the time?in-between?your hair removal visits to us. If you don’t believe me, check it out, all of this info is scientifically backed up on their website.


For more information visit the Nufree website or watch videos of how it works by clicking here.

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