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DevaCurl Products

Did you know that curly hair is 40% less hydrated than straight hair, making traditional shampoo curly hair’s worst enemy? Before we found Deva, we didn’t either, and we are hairstylists! This sassy product line was created by a curly-haired stylist who was just trying to create something that would work well in her own hair, and then DevaCurl was born (Yay!).


The Deva Three-Step

The Deva way is very different from the at-home hair routine you may be accustomed to. First, we will botanically “cleanse” your hair with No-Poo, a?detergent?and lather-free hair refresher. Next, we will apply One-Condition and leave some of it in your hair.?Finally, we will define your locks with one or more of Deva’s specialized styling products. This process is what Deva calls “The Deva Three-step”. Of course there are a few more helpful tips?in-between?these steps depending on your cure type but you’ll have to come in for a demo for us to indulge those. Curl type, you say? Yes, there are several different curl types, and each requires a different type of love. Not sure what your curl type is? Come in for a consultation, and we’d be glad to help you sort it out, or pick up the “Curly Girl Handbook”, we carry it at the salon. ?This might seem a little out of the ordinary, no lather?, leaving in conditioner? But one thing is for sure with this line, the results are extraordinary! Each DevaCurl product is also 100% sulfate, paraben, and silicon free, were and will never be tested on animals.



Not only does Deva offer a product line that is tailor made for curly or chemically damaged hair they also offer patented methods of cutting curls as well. At Edo, The fine art of hair, we offer DevaCuts, meaning our stylists have been specially trained in the art of cutting your curls by the authority on the subject. If you are new to DevaCurl, rest assured your Deva-focused visit will be unlike any other salon visit you have ever had and you will leave wondering where we’ve been all your life.


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