Covid-19 Response

Edo is opening June 2nd, but only offering hair services at this time due to COVID-19 state mandates.

The team at Edo the Fine Art of Hair takes the health of our clientele and staff seriously. In response to the Covid 19 outbreak we want to convey our daily public health measures.

  • Diffusing essential oils to boost the immune system and promote an antiviral environment
  • Wiping down chairs and all station surfaces in between each client
  • Tools that come in contact with the client will be sanitized between each use
  • Antibacterial spray used on sinks between uses
  • All capes, towels and smocks washed in antibacterial detergent

We ask that Clients stop in the restroom on their way into the salon to wash their hands and we confirm that all stylists wash their hands between each client.

We encourage staff and clients to kindly reschedule if they are not feeling well.

Wishing you good health and wellness,

– The team at Edo