A unique idea any health-conscious mom would love

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we have a unique idea that any health-conscious mom would love: a custom made scent hand-crafted by our certified Aromatherapist.

Why are typical perfumes bad?

For one, the perfume companies are “self-regulating” which is always a scary premise AND most OTC perfumes are filled with endocrine-disrupting phthalates (yikes!). According to Dr. Mercola “The fragrance industry uses more than 5,000 different ingredients, and only about 1,300 have actually been tested and evaluated so far.” Scary, don’t ya think? And if that weren’t enough to convince you just google “why is perfume bad” and be horribly awed by the abundance of information.

So what DO you do if you like to smell extra nice but don’t want to pay the unhealthy price of “smell no. 5”?

Answer: Customized Perfume Blending. Here at Edo we are committed to being good to the environment and good to our bodies, and an essential oil wearable scent achieves just that. Come in and work with Candace for an hour and experience different essential oils from our full bar to help build a perfume that is uniquely “you”. Make a day of it! Bring a friend to help you decide and then hit up the Next Door Cafe (which is next door, but technically downstairs) for some coffee and a treat. By the end of the session you will take home a new, good-for-you scent that will last longer than traditional perfume. Edo will keep your “formula” on file, we can recreate or adjust it any time. For the fee of $75 you can give your mom an all-natural, hand-made and personalized gift that she is guaranteed to love (she helped make it, after all).


This Mother’s Day give your mom a gift that lets her know you care…about her health AND enjoyment; customized perfume blending.


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